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Lightning Damage Claims:
Lightning is one of the most common home and business insurance claims in the state of Florida. Not only does Florida have more lightning damage than any other state but it is also considered the lightning capital of the world. Damage from lightning is very tricky when it comes to filing a claim, most insurance policyholders don't know what is covered and how much they should get for their damaged electronics, computers, phones, home appliance, business equipment (computer servers, copy machines). In most lightning damage claims expensive items are missed because they go unnoticed they think a specific item isn't covered or that the item is not damaged even when it is obvious.

Lightning can also cause serious damage to a homes structure or it can cause fire. When lightning strikes a neighbors tree and it falls on your home or business you should receive compensation for damages. Fallen trees claims can be a tough claim for a home owner, their are so many variables and items to cover. Not only is your roof, walls and attic damaged, but you could have water get into your walls, electrical wiring damaged, home structure damage and much more. You might also be owed money for loss of work if your business is interrupted or has to be closed while repairs or done, or if a home owner has to rent a hotel or home while their property is being repaired.

Power Surge:
A power surge is commonly only thought of when their is a thunderstorm or lightning, but this isn't the case. A lot of power surge claims and damage comes from electric power line failures, transformers problems, improperly installed generators and other electrical problems that are out of your control and usually not noticed until it's too late.

The most commonly damaged items from a power surge is your homes appliances and home electronics including washing machines, dryers, garage door openers, televisions, computers, stereo equipment, video game consoles, phones and anything else that is plugged into a power outlet.

We can help you recover money owed to you, and we only charge if we can collect money that wasn't found or paid in the original claim. This is done by filing a supplemental claim with your insurance company and only a Public Adjuster or an attorney is legally allowed to help you file this type of claim under Florida Law.

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